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The Chain Bridge with the Buda Castle in the background
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Night of zoos on August 29th The last Friday night of August, which is traditionally the day of the night of zoos, this year falls on 29th August. During this night, thirteen animal parks of eleven towns await their visitors with extended opening hours and unique programmes.
A nationwide photo campaign has been launched for the promotion of Budapest The Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre has launched a new city communications photo campaign, titled Budapest in front of our eyes, aiming at the promotion of the Hungarian capital city. The image campaign lasts till the end of August.
Fradi Family Holiday: The Eagle sculpture has been inaugurated ​As long as the FTC in not playing on international level, we cannot speak of the rise of Hungarian football, emphasized Mayor István Tarlós in his ceremonial speech during the inauguration of the Eagle sculpture.
The spas and baths of Budapest had one and a half million visitors in 2013 Budapest have become a dominant tourism actor of solid capital, said László Szőke, chief executive officer of Budapest Spas Plc. He added that almost 1.5 million have visited some of the spas in Budapest.
Baby flamingos were born in the Holnemvolt Park of the Budapest Zoo The reproduction of flamingos remains steady at their new place in the Budapest Zoo. The pink birds have been moved to the newly inaugurated Holnemvolt Park at the end of April. Till now already six baby birds were born.
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