The first 56-meter-long CAF trams will start operating in Budapest next spring

​The 56 meter long  CAF trams are expected to start running on line nr 1 next spring. Tram drivers are already practising to drive it on simulators.

Deputy Mayor Balázs Szeneczey explained during the ceremony that the new, Spanish-made tram is the longest one in the world, it has 86 seats and its passenger capacity is 345. Till now trams have been purchased in a value of HUF 34,7 billion, and until the end of next year 47 new trams will arrive to Budapest, added the deputy mayor. Balázs Szeneczey has mentioned that the tram and trolley network of Budapest are unequalled, as it serves 400 million passenger a year. Over the last years they have put lots of efforts to provide the passengers with modern, low-floor, air-conditioned vehicles, added the deputy mayor.

The first tram started operating in Budapest 128 years ago, on 28 November 1887. That vehicles was five and a half meters long, the now presented CAF tram ten times longer. The then tram was running on a one kilometre long route, while the line of the 56 meter long CAF-trams will be 16 kilometres.