The bathing season in Budapest has already started

​The Dagály and the Palatinus Baths have opened this year’s bathing season in Budapest. The spas and beaches of Budapest await the enthusiasts of water with several promotions, family passes, and special opening days.

As part of the preparations for the bathing season the Budapest Spas Plc. (Budapest Gyógyfürdői Zrt.) had spent HUF 40 million on its baths and beaches, to provide its guests seeking recreation with a nice-looking environment and new services. Also 50.000 annuals have been planted on the territory of the baths. During summertime gardeners are maintaining a green area of 35 hectares.

The closing date of the baths is Sunday, September 6th, as planned (in case the weather remains favorable, it is September 13th).

The Night of the Beaches will be organized again this year, and besides that, the Budapest Spas will extend the everyday life of its beaches with several programs for families and sport fans.