The new swimming facility of Csillaghegy Bath to be opened next Spring

Mayor István Tarlós (r) views the visualization of the new swimming facility of Csillaghegy Bath

The new swimming facility of the Csillaghegy open-air bath is expected to be opened next spring or early summer. The spa and bath development of the Municipality of Budapest has arrived to its next significant step, thus Budapest will be enriched by a new swimming complex, open all year, as Mayor István Tarlós said in his speech at the cornerstone laying ceremony of the investment.

While recalling a bit of the bath’s history, he added that the first descriptions of the bath date back to 1858, and the facility was developed into an open-air bath between 1919-1920. The Mayor emphasized that an unconcealed aim of the city leadership as well as the Budapest Spas Plc. is to preserve and constantly develop the thermal bath and spas of Budapest. The Mayor pointed out that these baths and spas are one of the most important tourist attractions of Budapest, almost 60% of foreign tourists make a visit to a bath. He said that last year Budapest Spas Plc. had become one of the most significant actors of the tourism market, with a stable and profitable operation, the company has several ongoing projects, it has and will renew nine baths till 2020.

On the one hand, the development at Csillaghegy consists of a new swimming and bath facility, aiming at providing high quality service for visitors, with a new sauna world, wellness section, children’s playground, and a restaurant. On the other hand, the aim is also to provide sportsmen and sportswomen with a “new home”, serving the education of the next generation.