Works of large investments of the Budapest Zoo starting in November

A Pannon Park biodómjának látványterve

​Following the ordinary season-closing of the theme park, not only a winter break will start in Holnemvolt Park, but the construction works of the two exhibition sites, namely the Fairytale Park and the Pannon Park, will be launched.

The construction will however only affect the new area, the classic, old part of the zoo will be opened for visitors during the whole year. The grounds of the future Fairytale Park will probably be opened in the second half of 2016, while the Pannon Park during 2018 or 2019. Thus heritage games, which the zoo will maintain and preserve further on, next spring definitely not receive visitors, however after a year they will be able to use the heritage carousel again. For the roller-coaster we will have to wait at least two years, just as for the other old games like the fairytale boat. The latter two will be working again in 2019 the latest.

It is important to know however that the new constructions will not affect the classic, old sites of the zoo at all, these will remain open to the public all year long, several programs and new offers are expected for the next year as well.