The Budapest Zoo is expanding

In November 2012, the General Assembly of Budapest has decided that the Budapest Zoo, after it takes over part of the Theme Park’s territory, for the 2013 season will introduce a family game park and a zoo.

In the frame of the developments, the base of old games, setting back the changes, has been dismantled, and the new system of water supply has been completed, meeting also the winter season’s requirements. For animals, which have been moved there, new folds were created, and in the interest of the visitor’s comfort, garden furniture and benches were installed.

In the Pony Park three Haflinger horses, one Shire pony (the largest overall horse); a Falabella pony (the world’s smallest horse); and in the animal house a donkey, ten Cameroon sheep, ten Cameroon pygmy goat, seven emus, one camel stallion and one fallow deer calf await visitors.

The area is constantly developing, and further attractions will be introduced, thus in July-August 2013, the guinea-pig city, and three zebus will be moved there, and there will be six new alpacas as well.
The area may be entered for free, the new Pony Park is open from Monday to Friday between 13:00-19:00, on Saturday, Sunday and holidays between 10:00-19:00.