Tarlós: we are constantly monitoring the number of refugees changing in the capital

​If necessary, the transit zone in Verseny utca will be completed, Mayor István Tarlós announced. He added: the number of refugees changing in the capital is constantly monitored; the refugees proceed continuously from Keleti railway station as well as from Nyugati railway station, their number is negligible in these transit zones. According to the mayor, the central transit zone in Verseny utca, which is intended to take care of 800 people, could be completed in 4-5 days in case the flow of refugees started again.

The temporary social block in Verseny utca would be opened in case the transit zones at Nyugati and Keleti railway station were full. Due to the fact that the zone at Déli railway station is not utilized, it will be closed. In Verseny utca, if needed, there will be 72 tents set up in 24 blocks three by three, on 1,760 sq m where there will be a ‘nursing tent’ on 100 sq m for mothers and their children, as well.  There will be 40 toilets, 36 shower facilities, six drinking-fountains with 12 taps in each, and a 24-hour medical service in cooperation with Red Cross, as well as sixty access points to electricity. Migrants will be provided with information and they will be protected, there will be no police officers within the camp, however, police presence outside will be strengthened.  He emphasized that this block will be temporary, “we do not wish to accommodate these people, we have no intention to provide them with comprehensive care. No refugee camp will be set up here, we will ensure that they do not get soaked or freezed, but we will not establish district heating there”.