Budapest will bid to host 2024 Olympic Games

Zsolt Borkai, Chairman of the Hungarian Olympic Committee delivers his speech during the meeting of the Budapest General Assembly on 23 June 2015

​Budapest will bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, in line with the declaration of intent accepted by the General Assembly of Budapest.

During the debate on the agenda Mayor István Tarlós said there are moments, when a nation has to show that it is ready for an alliance and cooperation.  “We shall be cautious optimists, none can yet feel in his pocket the right to host, we only have chance if we stand together, emphasized the Mayor. Through the Olympics the capital’s developments may pick up speed, “what will be built, will remain here”, he added. István Tarlós has stated that Budapest can only be a winner in this case, the city may promote itself around the world, this global competition can also bring a great boost for the tourism.

He added that also Hungarian sportsmen deserve an Olympics taking place in Budapest. Hungarian sportsmen have altogether won 167 gold medals so far, and among those countries that won more than hundred Olympic gold medals Hungary is the only one, which has not organized Olympics yet, he recalled.

In his speech at the assembly meeting Zsolt Borkai, Chairman of the Hungarian Olympic Committee has requested for support to the declaration of intent. He said that Hungary has seeded to express its intention to organize the 2024 Olympic Games, however in order to proceed with the issue, the support of the Budapest is required. “Time has come to realize dreams”, he stated.