Budapest Global

​We want Budapest to be a truly global city, but we know that we cannot do it alone. It is desired to attract more highly qualified foreigners who choose Budapest as their home and who feel at home, strengthening its economy and its diversity. It is also of paramount importance to organize the Budapest diaspora into networks and to channel their experience and lobbying power. Drawing on the experience of many other cities, we would like to establish a network, a public-private partnership organization, aimed at promoting the global openness of Budapest. All this through connections, knowledge and resources for a livelier, more modern, inclusive and competitive Budapest.

The organization’s working name is Budapest Global. Its members could be companies, educational and cultural institutions, NGOs, and individuals. We count on the active participation and support of the Hungarian and foreign companies in Budapest. The initiative is currently progressing, and the organisation is planned to be established by autumn 2021.

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