Lobbying the European institutions


As cities and local governments gain an increasing role in shaping and implementing key European objectives, Budapest maintains a close working relation with all key EU-stakeholders in order to safeguards its interests and strengthen the metropolitan areas' voice in European policy-making. The Representation of Budapest in Brussels, created in 2003, is mandated to closely monitor all relevant EU-legislation, make use of existing funded programs, and engage in a professional dialogue with the EU's main bodies. The representation is currently run by Benedek Jávor, a former MEP, environmental and EU-policy expert.   

Since taking office in October 2019, the new administration of Budapest has taken the lead in a high-visibility lobbying effort on the European level so that the EU's next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) expands the scope of green funding directly accessible for local governments. On the initiative of the mayors of the Pact of Free Cities, a lobbying letter signed by 36 European cities was sent to the presidents of the main institutions of the EU. Mayor Karácsony – together with Mayor Trzaskowski of Warsaw and Mayor Hřib of Prague – presented these proposals and met with top-ranking EU-officials on 12 February in Brussels. While the discussions about the next MFF are still ongoing, the Pact of Free Cities majors are also organizing support for direct funding for cities in the post-COVID19 economic recovery.

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