Unique nostalgic lines started to operate in the capital city

The nostalgic tram called Termál

Between May and September of 2016, admirers of the elder times can travel with the nostalgic trams called Duna and Termál, as well as the Hófehérke (Snow White) nostalgic boat in the weekends, which is unique in the world. The nostalgic tram, christened Duna, which s among the ten most beautiful tram lines in the world, will run along line nr 2, and the other tram christened Termál, will run along the interconnected tram network in Buda, passing by the most popular thermal baths on the Buda side. Also the Hófehérke nostalgic boat will be launched on Saturdays, between Margaret Bridge and Elisabeth Bridge. For more information on the lines, routes as well as the vehicles, please visit  bkk.hu/nosztalgia.