Inauguration of the memorial wall remembering the ghetto in Budapest

Tarlós István főpolgármester a Budapesti Gettó Emlékfalának avatásán

The memorial wall remembering the Jewish ghetto in Budapest has been inaugurated in Dohány utca, on this wall of remembrance a map introduces the history of the area. The realization of this memorial  wall was jointly financed by EMIH Egységes Magyarországi Izraelita Hitközség (Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation) and the Municipality of Erzsébetváros district.

„There are lots of different festivities, today’s one is a sad remembrance. When we hold a joint commemoration at the wall of the late ghetto, we pay tribute to the victims and their descendants. Over the last seventy years both death and life had their moments as well. When jointly inaugurating the memorial wall we trust to life and we hope that the world of times when a ghetto could be built never comes back, said Mayor István Tarlós in his speech during the ceremony.

The Holocaust is the symbol of human decay, it typifies what a defenceless being man is. When remembering this, by drawing the due conclusions, we must show the counterexamples, counter poles of those past horrors, said Slomó Köves, chief rabbi of EMIH. He emphasized that the memorial wall was created along the long-ago ghetto wall, recalling the horrors from seventy years back.

The ghetto in Budapest, created in the times of the Szálasi government, was a constrained place of residence to segregate a significant part of the Jewish community in Budapest. The ghetto had stood since the end of November 1944 till 17th January 1945, it was inhabited by 70 thousand people, thousands of them had died there. The interactive memorial wall is a design of Péter Sugár, Ybl-prize winner architect.


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